Statement by Jonathan Pelto, Green Party Candidate for Congress on NYPD-CIA Scandal

For Immediate Release
October 4, 2016

Statement by Jonathan Pelto, Green Party Candidate for Congress on NYPD-CIA Scandal

As a Green Party candidate for the state of Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District, I wish to proclaim my strong condemnation of the anti-Muslim and right-wing policies, practices, and attitudes deeply rooted within New York Police Department’s Intelligence Division (NYPD ID).

The NYPD ID and its “counter-terrorism” operations were established and conducted in collaboration with the CIA (both current and former CIA officers), as exposed in part by the Associated Press (AP) series and NYPD Confidential.  The NYPD-CIA, in their highly politicized, discriminatory, and illegal operations, target not only Muslims, but also liberal activists.  All collaborations with the CIA for ongoing and past domestic operations (NYPD or FBI) are in violation of the National Security Act of 1947 and Executive Order 12333, and therefore are illegal.

Especially reprehensible to me is the undercover intrusion into the constitutionally protected activities of university students and personnel, people who pray in local mosques, as well as left-wing activists who protest the massive income inequality in the United States, such as OccupyWallStreet.

The recent report of NYPD ID misdeeds from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the NYPD (OIG-NYPD), the Senate fight over UASI (Homeland Security grants) funding, mostly for the criminal NYPD ID, and the controversy over the failure of the DNC and Clinton campaign to denounce Michael Bloomberg for his non-apology for the NYPD-CIA scandal are just more wake-up calls regarding the on-going and perhaps even increasing NYPD, FBI, CIA, and worse surveillance of our Muslim and left-wing brothers and sisters.

Because Ivanka M. Trump, daughter of Donald J. Trump, 2016 Republican presidential nominee, is on board of the NYC Police Foundation (page 124 of 128), the NYPD’s slush fund, which finances the NYPD-CIA’s International Liaison Programs (ILPs), is little wonder Trump approves of and extols the NYPD-CIA and its abusive former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.  Donald Trump also calls for explicit profiling of Muslims, as in less free foreign countries, such as France and Israel.  The Trump campaign invokes the NYPD-CIA precisely because they know the NYPD-CIA enacted and implemented real world, actual anti-Muslim and right-wing programs, and these bigoted programs are politically protected by Democrats like Senator Schumer, and the very powerful and rich donors to both the Democratic party and NYC Police Foundation, either individuals or corporations, like Goldman Sachs.

It would have been alarming enough if the NYPD were conducting these operations and practices only in New York City.  However, not only did/does the NYPD-CIA operate within the legal jurisdiction of New York City, but also outside of its traditional jurisdiction, all across the region, nation, and even world, including the state of Connecticut.  The NYPD ID even had units termed “Out of City units” to conduct documented operations and “visits/letters” in New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut, including Operation NEXUS, according to the NYPD ID’s 2006 “Strategic Posture” document (pages 100, 103-104, 107), released by Handschu and NYCLU legal efforts.

As a Green Party candidate for the state of Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District, I strongly condemn those particular operations within the state of Connecticut.  I also condemn all activities by all those who collaborate with and enable the NYPD ID, namely several institutions within the state of Connecticut (CT State police) and parts of the FBI.  Other states, like New Jersey, have signed agreements between NYC and their state, to permit operations of the NYPD-CIA within its borders.  Given the established presence of the NYPD-CIA within the state of Connecticut, I request that the existence and text of any and all agreements between the state of Connecticut and NYC/NYPD be released to the public.

As the blockbuster Intercept article powerfully illustrates, the NYPD-CIA and its collaborators (including those within the state of Connecticut) have established a systematic, deliberate, and unremitting program of psychological torture against its Muslim and non-Muslim progressive students and citizens.  These abuses include violations of Muslim student privacy rights (FERPA) by academic institutions (for example, UCONN).  From the mainstream perspective, in fact, the NYPD-CIA and its various partners have actually made us less safe by sending responsible law enforcement agents after those with certain political and religious views/beliefs targeted by the NYPD Intelligence Division, diverting their attention and resources.

Therefore to begin to heal the trauma within Connecticut, I request that all information about NYPD-CIA agreements/operations within the state of Connecticut be released, and all connections and collaborations between NYC regarding NYPD ID and the state of Connecticut be rescinded.  In addition, I call upon the Governor, Lt. Governor, and the CT state legislature to propose, pass, sign, and implement legislation against the NYPD-CIA operating within its state.  There is a precedent in New Jersey’s 2013 legislation curtailing NYPD and other out-of-state illegal spying, though I assert this legislation does not go far enough.  Finally I call upon the Senate and House budget process to defund the NYPD ID, starting with eliminating UASI (Homeland Security grants) funding of the NYPD ID.

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